Teodora Olajoš and Staša Ivezić - Winter University experience

Two members of AEGEE Novi Sad went on a Winter University, organised by AEGEE Tbilisi – and had an amazing time! Here are the impressions of this event that Teodora Olajoš and Staša Ivezić wanted to share with us.

Tell us about the Winter University event.

Teodora: I have been on two Summer Universities. In December, I saw that AEGEE Tbilisi would organise a Winter University. I decided that I must be there! I wanted to discover beautiful Georgia and also I wanted to compare winter and summer universities. They are very similar. WU lasts for one week, SU lasts for two, but the topics are similar. We had a language course during our WU.

Staša: When it comes to the organization of the WU – it was perfect. Accommodation both in Tbilisi and Gudauri, skiing, sunbathing in the local caffe while taking a break with a cup of a delicious georgian tea, parties in the evening with great people and chacha (the local drink – not for everyone, since, believe me, it’s a killer)…

The organizers made us feel like locals, solving every single problem like pros and being in the right place and time when needed (providing us with wine, cognac and chacha, of course).

What was the best part of the event?

Teodora: I liked all the activities during the WU. I can’t decide which one was the best. We skied everyday, and maybe that made the biggest impression on me. I have never seen such high top of mountains like the ones in Georgia. It was big adventure for me to ski from some top which is 3000m high. I like adrenalin and, of course, I liked it!

Staša: Teodora and I had an interesting experience at a metro station, which I’m sure she’ll tell you more about, where it became evident that all the rumors about the hospitality were, in fact, true!

Furthermore – the food. The wine. The sweets. No words could describe the variety of tastes, so if you’re dieting, you might think twice about visiting. The wine culture is big,wine tasting offered on every other corner and fresh out of the oven pastries calling your name as you walk down the street. Impossible to resist! Khachapuri, Khinkali, Churchkhela – remember these names, you’ll thank me later.

How would you describe your experience in Georgia? Which places did you visit?

Teodora: I can’t describe Georgia in just one sentence. In Georgia you can find everything you want in one place. Friendly people, beautiful landscapes, the best tasting food etc. You feel like you’re home. We were two days in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. That is a small city where we could visit everything during that two days. But the city has a unique story. Everybody is smiling to you, they want to help you. We didn’t have our own bus ticket, so random people gave their ticket to us. After Tbilisi we were in Gudauri, a famous ski resourt in Georgia. We spent beuatiful and unforgettable six days there.

Staša: I could talk about the Winter University in Georgia forever, since it was everything I hoped for and much, much more. First of all, Georgia is a beautiful country – with it’s breathtaking landscapes, mesmerizing architecture and the unexpected mixture of old and new, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed by all the beauty. Secondly, I’m sure we’ve all heard how nice Georgian people are – well, believe it or not, that’s an understatement. In my humble opinion, there is no place you can go and feel as welcome as in Georgia. Don’t be fooled by the dark clothes or the serious faces you’re seeing on the street – these people would do anything to help you in every way imagined.

What did you learn from this experience?

Staša: Overall, I’ve never felt like home in any country as I did in Georgia, I’ve never met so many interesting people, both participans and locals, as I did now, and I’ve never wanted to go back so badly to the people and the country I’ve fallen so madly into.

Teodora: This event was perfect and I strongly recommend it for everybody!