Balkanize your summer from Danube to Vardar™?

We would like to express special gratitude and appreciation to the University of Novi Sad and European Youth Capital Novi Sad 2019, who supported our Summer University 2016.

@Crazy AEGEE kids!!

Are you ready for the craziest BALKAN experience? AEGEE Novi Sad and AEGEE Skopje put their powers together to make your summer unforgettable!

Are you ready to smell the Balkan air starting from the wonderful Novi Sad with its unexplainable beauty which invites you for a rakija shot in its small outdoor cafes where people know how to enjoy their lives?

The looming Petrovaradin Fortress awaits your curious eyes to explore this small but charming city.

Get ready also for Belgrade, the capital of Serbia that will leave you speechless. We move to Skopje, the beating heart of the Balkan Peninsula! You will be permanently entertained by this small, modest and in the same time amazing city!

By having the craziest Treasure Hunt you will be astonished by the Skopje’s Ottoman- and Roman Byzantine-era wonders. You will breath fresh air on the top of the Mountain Vodno, while the Canyon Matka, with its unspoiled natural beauty will take your breath away. And what is better than spending the last days in Ohrid the UNESCO protected city with the deepest lake in Europe with 365 churches and counteless nightclubs and bars. We will enjoy the last days of this TSU, playing lots of games, relaxing on the beautiful beaches, and of course St. Naum monastery will captivate your hearts!

APPLY NOW and dont waste your time!

This is it- the summer of your lives!!