It’s time for a Novi Sad greeting, before the Zagreb meeting!


So you decided to come to Zagreb EPM this February?
You want to be sure you will fit in? Come to pre-event in Novi Sad and learn some very important stuff on how to survive in Balkan!

What you should expect:
*4 unforgettable days in Novi Sad
*Sightseeing&city tours
*Learn about Serbian culture: drink rakija, dance kolo and try our traditional cusine
*European Night
*Unforgettable parties
and much much more

The event FEE is 80€ and it includes:
-3 meals per day
-lodging (hostel in the city center)
-traveling to the richest vineyards and vine-tasting in Sremski Karlovci
-all activities&social program

For additional fee you are invited to join the party bus from Novi Sad to Zagreb!
There suppose to be at least 27 participants interested and a bus should leave around noon (11am – 1pm), so will be one extra day in Zagreb!
Join all the amazing people you met on the pre-event for yet another adventure in Balkan!
The application deadline is on 15th of December 2016, 23:59 CET. Don’t waste your time, apply NOW!

How to apply?

1. Quickly fill in the form on the INTRANET:
2. Then, fill in the following FORM:

3. Also check out our Facebook event: